Get fit in 37 minutes

Modern and Trendy

The Blue Zone Gym is a high-end boutique fitness studio with a modern and trendy feel in Eindhoven and Sint-Oedenrode. Our gym uses innovative fitness equipment and has the ideal environment for you to achieve your health goals. In addition, our professional Blue Zone Gym coaches give advice on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle based on our own proven method. We are 100% behind the revolutionary ‘fit in 37 minutes’ concept. Experience it yourself and start today with result-oriented training. We don’t compromise on your results!

Open 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Total workout in 37 min (effective)
Highly safe training
For each level (easy)
Results guaranteed!
10 days free trial

Do you really want to get started

with a healthier lifestyle?

Personalized coaching

Customized plan

Prevent loss of muscle mass

Exercise effectively

Heal back and neck problems

Optimal freedom of movement

What makes us as

The Blue Zone Gym Unique?

We live in a hurried world where time is scarce. This has a great impact on our health and how fit we feel. With our innovative circle concept you train safely and your results are closely followed by one of our professional coaches. We help you not only in the club, but also outside with lifestyle advice and nutrition.

Safe and efficient training at your level
Volledig geautomatiseerd en te volgen
Professional support from our coaches
Small boutique with nice ambience
Result guaranteed

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