Busy life

Combining a busy job and a social life is often challenging enough. Let alone when a relationship and (grand)children are also part of it. How can you find the time and the motivation to work on your own vitality? Is the normal gym not where you feel at home? The Blue Zone Gym is the right place for you to achieve your goals under professional guidance.

Twice a week 37 minutes of exercise is enough to get guaranteed results!

With the help of our unique “5 zone method” we’ll make sure that together we’ll achieve your goals. Before each zone we have an extensive measurement and evaluation and you will move on to the next zone. Here we pay attention to mobility, strength training, fitness and metabolism. All this in a small and luxurious ambiance where our lifestyle coaches will work intensively with you.v

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Active life

We realize more than ever that we have a whole life ahead of us which is not infinite. As you get older, it is all the more important to keep moving because the body’s functions start to decline more and more. Think about strength, fitness and mobility. This is why it is so important to make sure that your body and mind is in good condition and function. With this, the recovery of a problem can be solved much faster. If things are going well for you or you notice that you are getting better at moving or performing exercises, you will also notice this in daily life. 

At The Blue Zone Gym we focus on the essential elements to become and stay healthy. All this in a very small and luxurious ambiance where our lifestyle coaches are constantly working to improve your health behavior. It’s a journey across 5 zones that we take with you and where The Blue Zone is the goal.

More free time

When the days no longer have to be spent working and having children, there is more time for other forms of spending time. To keep routine in the days, responsible exercise and being active is a good contribution to vital aging. With like-minded people it is nice to move and to keep working on optimal muscle strength. Working on your health at least twice a week will become part of your agenda, and this together with others. The Blue Zone Gym is the place to be.

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