Step 1

How healthy are you?

Your entry is the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. The journey begins with a comprehensive and professional intake. Here, various issues are discussed and your goals and any limitations are clearly mapped out. We will map your current health very accurately and do various tests on the revolutionary HUB where we provide insight into your biological age. Step by step we will guide you to even better health.

Professional intake
Comprehensive health check
Biological age insight
Plan of Action
10 days free

Step 2

Customized plan

To work intensively on your goals we work in 5 unique Zones. Within each Zone there are various aspects in the areas of training, nutrition, health upgrades and mental health. Each zone consists of fixed contact moments with our coaches. The completion of a Zone is always accompanied by a new measurement and evaluation. Conclusion: a clear plan with all the help and a big stick.

A clear plan
Lots of variation in training
Established coaching moments
Progressie inzichtelijk
Results guaranteed

Step 3

Train safely and efficiently

Now that we have your health and goals well mapped out we will get started. All machines are fully automatic and will be set up just for you. All settings are stored on your personal wristband. In 37 minutes you will have completed a full workout. Training has never been so easy, safe and efficient.

Fully automated training
Safe and efficient training at your own level
Professional Support
Homely ``boutique`` atmosphere
Training with like-minded people
10 days free

Step 4

Steering and Coaching on Data

Our professional team is constantly helping you to improve results. They don’t do this based on gut feeling, but using their own knowledge and the data we collect from the equipment’s software. All data is linked to your own Blue Zone Gym wristband and app. All this is transparent to you and the coaches. Periodic evaluations we do within a casual atmosphere, but with a personal goal.

Progression always insightful
Your own training wristband and app
Periodic evaluations
Supervision inside and outside the Gym

Step 5

Community feeling

We don’t go for mass but for quality. In a luxurious relaxed atmosphere, you will work together with our specialists to achieve your goals. You go through the entire process with like-minded people. It is a nice place to work on yourself and with others. All this will lead to a healthy lifestyle where you work effectively and with pleasure on your health!

Casual atmosphere
A close-knit community
Training with like-minded people
Open 365 days a year
A lot of attention
10 days free
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