Mobility is the key

Flexibility Training

Sitting is an important part of your daily life. However, the amount of sitting has passed the tolerance of your human body. Sometimes we sit as much as 12 hours a day. This has caused many muscles in your body to shorten, resulting in neck and back pain. Sitting is also called the “new smoking”. With the help of our unique flexibility concept, we prevent and solve these complaints. Together we go for an optimal freedom of movement.

Fast and effective workout of 7 minutes
No more physical complaints
Everything personalized
Flexibility guaranteed
10 days free trial


As a warming up

Every workout begins with flexibility. This involves completely mobilizing the muscles in just 7 minutes. This is important for optimal blood circulation. This also gives you much faster results with strength training. All equipment is adjusted to your personal wristband. Our coaches will make sure you execute everything correctly. How does our flexibility training work?

We'll first do several flexibility tests
Everything will be completely adjusted to your body
We guide you to perform the exercise correctly
6 week appointment to evaluate your mobility-age