How does our power concept work?

Within 30 minutes you’ll have completed a full strength workout. With digital support and coaches in our boutique, you train without thinking. After every 6 workouts you do a new strength measurement and adapt your training method. Safe, efficient and always on your level.

You get a personal wristband that allows you to log in to all the equipment
All devices are pre-adjusted (with the HUB) to your body and training goals.
The software on the devices visually guides you through the exercises
Coaches with personal attention
10 days free trial

Even more benefits

In a nutshell

What other benefits does our strength training offer?

Simplicity - training weight, duration and type of training are determined automatically
FUN - through gamification you will be guided through the workout in terms of pace and you will gain points
IMPROVEMENT - After every 6th workout we will do a new strength test and adapt training method
RESULTS - Progress is stored on your own app
SAFE - preset to your level
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